Role of Human being In Nature

1. If you look around, everything that we see can be put into one of the following four orders:

i. Material Order-example : soil, water, air, etc.

ii. Plant / Bio Order – example : grass, plants, trees, flowers, fruits, etc.

iii. Animal Order – example: animal, birds, etc.

iv. Human Order – example : human being.

2. Each one of us can recognize all these four orders around ourselves and see that together these four orders comprise of all the units that we see and understand around us.

3. On close inspection of these orders, we can easily see that except human order, the first three orders are interconnected.

4. The relationship between the first three orders is in such a way that they all fulfill each other and co-exist with each other.

5. On looking at the connectedness with human beings, we find that:

i. Each of these three orders is fulfilling to the human order.

ii. Human natural acceptance to be mutually fulfilling these entities.

6. However, we are not able to ensure this mutual fulfillment.

7. We are dependent on the material order for soil, minerals and metals but only end up polluting the soil and depleting the fossil fuel, metals, etc.

8. We are dependent of animals to carry out our production and transportation activities, but also made many animal species extinct.

9. On the other hand, if we explore our natural acceptance, we find that we want to live harmoniously with nature.

10. This is important for our own happiness.


11. These relationship we need to be properly understand.

At the first stages of human life on the Earth, the main purpose is to construct, but today, unfortunately!, deconstruct, and the lighting evidence for this deconstruction is for example climate change, accumulation of polymeric and plastic waste on the earth (millions of tons every year!), so we as human have to rethink about our planet future and supporting all international efforts in this regards like the last summit of top G20 countries.
I hope to participate in drawing a new GREEN WORLD again. the purpose is depending on whether we are only focusing on this physical world or we also broaden our horizon to include what will happen after we have died in this physical world.  We know that we human beings need to go through the human life cycle including: birth, growth, sickness & death.  Some people believe there is no other chapter of life after we were dead – just like the lighted candle being put off & nothing can be done.  Some believe there is reincarnation.  Some believe there is another world either heaven or hell is awaiting us etc.  If there is a new chapter of life after our physical death, then how we plan / don’t plan for the new chapter might influence the purpose of our lives in this physical world.  As the saying goes – if we fail to plan, we plan to fail.

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